Theo Plothe is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Savannah State University where he teaches classes in mass communications, media production, ethics, and media law. He earned a PhD from the School of Communications at American University, and his research focuses on the materiality of digital media, especially social media, digital gaming, and remix culture. His current book project, Defining Participatory Media as Gamespace: Digital Games, Remix, and the Materiality of Gamespace, examines the larger cultural impact of digital games through an investigation of the concept of gamespace and the importance of participatory media.  He has published in the Journal of Popular Culture, G|A|M|E, and the edited collection Video Game Policy: Production, Distribution, and Consumption, published by Routledge. He also researches sports and social media, including NFL and NBA athletes’ use of Twitter to build social capital among other players and their fans. Theo has previous academic training in linguistics and TESOL, and has taught English as a Second Language courses throughout Asia and the United States.